Agent-client collaboration platform RealScout announced the launch of RealScout Pro+ on Tuesday, the first significant update to the platform since it was founded in 2012.

“It was a long time coming,” Andrew Flachner, RealScout’s co-founder and president, said. “We have been the category leader in buyer nurture for many years now and we have been widely viewed by our customers as the best way to keep clients in an ecosystem that they have visibility and control over, but that was mainly around buyers. Our customers for many years have said, ‘I also work with sellers, can we nurture them as well?’”

According to Flachner, despite initial hesitancy for fear of biting off more than they could chew, RealScout began “peeling back the layers of the onion on seller nurture.”

Features of the new RealScout Pro+ include Auto Nurture, Home Value Alerts and market activity alerts.

Auto Nurture is described as “a set-and-forget feature” that automates database marketing for agents and teams. Through Auto Nurture, RealScout subscribers can send buyer and seller nurture content, as well as stay in front of other clients who aren’t actively looking to buy or sell.

The two seller or future seller nurture features in the RealScout Pro+ launch include Home Value Alerts and market activity. Home Value Alerts provides prospective sellers with multiple automated valuation estimates for their home, including a Zillow Zestimate.

“When it comes to home values, there is really only one brand name among consumers for a price estimate and that is the Zestimate,” Flachner said. “They have done a really good job at making that common vocabulary among consumers, so it felt odd not to include that.”

Flachner said that by putting the Zestimate next to other valuation estimates, an agent or team can indicate to a consumer that “no algorithm should be taken at face value when it comes to pricing a home.”

RealScout Pro+ clients can either import their list of contacts into the RealScout system or use RealScout’s integration with several different client relationship management (CRM) portals, including Follow Up Boss, MoxiWorks and Cloze, as well as others.

At a time when agents are hungry for listings, Flachner believes RealScout Pro+ can help them get the most out of the contacts they have already cultivated.

“We have learned that most agents and teams out there have sellers in their database, but they will never know when they want to sell because the first thing that a seller does when they want to sell is to go to a national portal to see what their house it worth,” Flachner said.

He continued, “If you as an agent or a team lead can really incubate your CRM, if you can stay top of mind with those folks then you will be the first to know when they do raise their hand and view data relating to their market or recent comps.”

RealScout Pro+ is currently available for teams and brokerages only, but the firm said it will expand access to individual agents in 2024.

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