Approximately 10 percent of U.S. retirees move to a new location after they retire. Before relocating, it is important to explore the three Cs –crime, climate, and cost of living–of a community. A Web site called features a cost of living calculator for a particular area and lets users compare cities side-by-side. A site called lets users research a prospective state’s personal income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on retirement income, property taxes, inheritance taxes, and estate taxes. Another important consideration is the availability of good medical facilities, which can be researched using and It is also possible to search for physicians that accept Medicare at People who intend to travel extensively after retirement should make sure the prospective community provides easy access to an airport or train station. To get information about public transportation, individuals can call 800-677-1116 to contact a local aging agency. The potential retirement destination should also fulfill retirees’ hobbies and interests or have appropriate work opportunities. After selecting a suitable location, the next step is to make several visits at different times of the year or to rent a home for a year prior to purchasing a home or joining a retirement community. | Read More