If you have the Ring Video Doorbell 2, youve probably been prompted to upgrade to the next generation. Originally released in 2017, Ring discontinued production of the Doorbell 2 in 2020 to make room for the Ring Video Doorbell 3. And now, the brand has released the upgraded Ring Video Doorbell 4.

Smart home technology and security systems have evolved over the years, and Ring has added upgraded technology to its latest offerings. The old Ring Video Doorbell 2 still works, but with software upgrades over the years, newer features simply arent available.

If youre considering a new video doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a great option.

And if youre looking for a whole house security system, Ring offers indoor and outdoor cameras, lights, alarms, window and door sensors, car cameras, mailbox sensors, as well as smart locks for your home and garage. But wait, theres more!

Ring also offers a variety of protection subscriptions to make your home safer, like professional monitoring or police response. Now that’s what we call peace of mind!

What is the Ring Video Doorbell 4?

Ring Video Doorbell 2 was quite impressive at the time of its release. It was a wireless doorbell with a camera that could monitor activity and immediately notify you on your smartphone. It wasnt perfect, but at the time, we didnt know what we didnt know. The revolutionary feature Ring made popular was the two-way talk that allows you to answer the door and talk to the guest from anywhere.

The 4th generation video doorbell has all of the same features as the 2nd generation: Two-way talk, HD video, motion detection and alerts, plus the ability to control it from the Ring app or an Alexa-enabled device.

However, there are also plenty of upgraded features. The Ring Doorbell 4 includes a removable battery for easy charging, interchangeable faceplates and a corner kit for optional mounting. Youll be happy to know that if you have dual-band Wi-Fi, you can choose a channel for your doorbell that is separate from your other devices, and everything works seamlessly.

And like previous generations, the Ring 4 can be hardwired into your existing doorbell or work wirelessly with a rechargeable battery.

Our favorite new feature? The color pre-roll video previews. Ring captures video of four seconds before motion detection and allows you to play it back in color. How’s that for monitoring your home?


Easy to installAlexa-compatibleTwo-way talkClear video and night visionPackage delivery alertsCustomizable motion zones4 second pre-roll video playbackUser-friendly app


Some users report missed notificationsNeeds a strong Wi-Fi signal

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How to Use the Ring Video Doorbell 4

Set up is simple. Start by downloading the user-friendly Ring app, which walks you through the installation process.

Before you mount the doorbell next to your front door, you’ll want to charge and install the included battery. Next, follow the prompts within the app to connect your doorbell using the QR code on the actual doorbell. Once connected, customize your motion zones and settings and decide where to place the doorbell.

After connecting the device, view what the camera sees and determine the best place to mount your doorbell. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 can be hardwired to your existing doorbell wires, which is more reliable than the wireless Wi-Fi installation since you don’t need to charge a battery to keep it working.

Other Ring security products can be connected at any time and the entire system can be controlled from the same app. The bundled version that includes the Ring Chime Pro is helpful if you arent near your phone but still want to hear a chime in your house when someone rings the bell.

The helpful Ring app also notifies you of neighborhood alerts (and lost dogs) posted by nearby neighbors.

The Best Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Reviews

Great Video Doorbell! says Carol S., This video doorbell is very sensitive to motion and provides a great sense of securitywell worth the money!

Bryan412 gave the Ring 4 a 5-star review, saying, Its amazing! I absolutely love being able to see who is at my front door or even close to my porch. I didnt screw-mount mine because I live in townhouse apartments and Im sure that is a no no lol, so I got a no screw door mount for it. The camera quality is really nice, its very fast at alerting me if someone is on or near my porch or door, and it looks very sleek and appealing.

D says the Ring 4 is much better than the Ring 2. They may look similar, but this version is a lot better than the 2nd Gen Doorbell it replaced. For the $50 difference it is a no brainer. Wi-Fi is much stronger and Alexa routines work a lot better.

Where to Buy the Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell is available at Amazon, Kohls, Best Buy and Lowes.

Get notifications at your front door (and around-the-clock peace of mind) with a video doorbell by Ring.

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