Rather than just tell clients to turn on the lights during showings, agents can offer numerous other tips to ensure that for-sale homes are well lit and presented to their best advantage. Sellers should be encouraged to use clear lightbulbs for a clean look and halogen flood bulbs instead of energy-efficient bulbs to reduce harsh glare; use the highest wattage possible for all fixtures except those in the bathroom, where 30-watt bulbs in wall sconces result in softer light; clean light fixtures; wash windows and remove screens; and replace old brass light fixtures with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. Lighting also can be maximized by adding wall sconces or lamps to side tables, placing mirrors opposite light fixtures or windows, and either removing or tying back the draperies. Finally, interior listing photos should be taken at dusk for more balanced lighting; while exterior photos benefit from the backdrop of a full sun. | Read More