Retail stores use ambient scents to generate a psychological response that leads to more sales, and real estate agents can use the same strategy when selling homes. Scent marketing is the reason some Realtors bake cookies in homes during showings. But given the steep number of homes currently on the market, experts say it might be more practical to use essential oils to create a pleasant scent in the home. Agents and sellers can concoct fragrances using jojoba, grapeseed, vanilla, lavender, and sweet orange essential oils, blending them in a bowl with sea salt. They also can create a vacuum powder with baking soda and bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils or a simmer containing apple slices, cinnamon, vanilla bean, and whole cloves. These natural scents are better appreciated than synthetic fragrances. “Using even tiny amounts of familiar, tempting aromas like the oils of cinnamon, clove, vanilla and orange can fill a whole house with pleasant ambient fragrance and make it an attractive purchase for potential buyers,” according to Tom Havran, branded products developer with Aura Cacia. | Read More