Not only do professional videos and photos help homes sell faster and for more money, but so do the words used in the listings. A study by Longwood University finance and real estate professor Bennie Waller found that the sale price rises almost 1 percent and the probability of selling by 9.2 percent on average for each property characteristic used in a listing. Including 15 additional property characteristics, according to the research, can boost the listing price by about 13.5 percent. Positive subjective words like “fabulous” and “beautiful” can boost sales prices by 0.9 percent, with prices rising 9 percent when 10 positive adjectives are included. However, agents must keep in mind that the intention is to grab the buyer’s attention and start a conversation about the home; so they should avoid including too many details or buyers or their Realtors will have no reason to call with questions. | Read More