Previously-owned homes may have an advantage over newly-constructed homes on today’s housing market. More buyers are turning to older homes, and owners will have a better chance to sell their house if they return the property to its natural state, according to Kelly Horn, who has been selling real estate over the past 12 years with his wife, Alison. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to sell their property, all owners really need to do is put their home through a deep clean. He has seen a seller increase the value of his property by several thousand dollars with a normal clean that included pulling out the refrigerator, changing the filter, and wiping the counters; the bathrooms should undergo a cleaning as well. The Horns encourage sellers to depersonalize their space by removing the flower pots the kids made in school, painting over the lines on the wall that mark their growth over the years, and removing pictures from the fridge. “It helps them (the buyers) visualize themselves living in this home,” says Alison. The front entry way, the first thing potential buyers see, should be cleared, and area rugs should be removed when they come to view the property. “They can make you increase the likelihood of earning more money with the sale of your home as well as making you stand a little taller than the rest of your competition,” adds Kelly. | Read More