There are several things home sellers and their Realtors should do to make sure their properties stand out. They should keep their lawns trimmed and include greenery and colorful flowers to jazz up their listings photos, and they should let their neighbors know the home is going on the market because they might know someone looking to buy. Sellers should know the lowest price they are willing to accept beforehand based on conversations about comparable sales, including foreclosures and short sales, with at least three real estate agents. They also should create a colorful printout of the home’s best features, complete with photos, and leave it on the kitchen counter for buyers and their agents to peruse while touring the home. Finally, Realtors need to encourage sellers not to get so caught up in negotiations that they become greedy. Instead, all concerned should be focused on what is necessary to close the deal rather than how much money has been lost since the market downturn. | Read More