There are six easy and affordable home improvement projects that homeowners can undertake for adding value to their properties. The first is updating countertops, beginning with kitchens. Kitchen remodels are often costly, but granite overlays can be installed in a few hours and are up to 30 percent cheaper than actual granite counters. The second fix-up is restoring hardwood floors using products like Howard Restore-A-Finish, costing bout $10 per can. Updating bathrooms is another inexpensive update, with low costs in paint or molding resulting in a significant return on investment. Replacing tiles is often costly, but using a grout whitener, homeowners can brighten bathrooms without the burdens of a full overhaul. Since paint is the first visible part of a home, a simple investment in painting a mailbox or front door transforms the look of an entire home. Finally, replacing the front door is an affordable but noticeable home improvement; homeowners can also update their door knockers for a more elegant style. | Read More