Homes are now flying off the market in some popular neighborhoods, but there are many exceptions. Sellers who want to have the best chance to see their property move as quickly as possible should hit the market with their place in prime condition. Vicki Norris, who heads her own consulting firm, Restoring Order, urges would-be sellers to streamline their belongings before opening their home to visitors. That means purging excess possessions and putting the rest in storage. It also means consolidating those items you’ll want or need on a day-to-day basis. Sellers should also consider renting a storage unit on a temporary basis, as most people have collections of favorite items they want to keep. These could include gourmet kitchen devices, sports trophies and memorabilia from their kids’ early years. “Leaving all this stuff out in view, or crowding your closets, will simply distract buyers and lead them to think your place is smaller than it is,” says real estate broker Sid Davis. The best way to streamline your property and reduce clutter, according to Davis, is to keep these boxes in a rented storage unit until your home sells. Davis also recommends investing in what he calls “a super-duper cleaning.” “Before your house hits the market, you need to get rid of all those dust balls, cobwebs, and dead insects,” he says. “Plus you’ll want your windows and chandeliers to receive all the careful attention they deserve. Either you do every bit of this work yourself or bring in a professional cleaning service.” | Read More