Wealthy homeowners are looking to integrate large architectural artifacts into newly built homes in an attempt to make them look old. The trend started with reclaimed wood flooring, but homeowners are now trying to retrofit everything from intact staircases to 20-foot-long wooden bars. Proponents say salvaged items from old buildings or junkyards can add something unique to an otherwise bland new house. Jessica Engholm, founder of architectural salvage company Cultheir, says reusing older items can “introduce character that otherwise wouldn’t be there.” Salvaged items have the potential to boost the resale value of a home, but experts say they don’t necessarily increase a home’s value by themselves. The right items must be selected and the pieces have to be installed in a tasteful way. Homeowners will need to have plenty of money for such projects, and will need to find skilled craftsmen who are willing to take on the job. Liz Edlich says several contractors initially refused to install a roughly 20-foot-long, carved wooden ceiling from Sri Lanka in her Malibu, Calif., home. “They said ‘You’re insane,’” she says. | Read More