Real estate agents and designers say there are several ways homeowners can design a bathroom that meets the needs of a growing family. Choosing neutral materials and simple tiles will ensure the bathroom does not need to be redone in a few years. Larger, non-slip tiles will work best for homeowners with small children. Decorating the bathroom with a child’s favorite cartoon character should be avoided. Experts say their interest will change quickly. It is easier to use a shower curtain or rug that appeals to children as they can be switched easily. Two sinks can also come in handy for homes with more than one child. There should also be plenty of storage space like hooks and drawers to help keep the bathroom tidy. Homeowners may also consider putting the toilet in a separate room with a sliding door. This will allow two people to use the bathroom at the same time. Installing a shower or tub comes down to personal preference, but tubs shouldn’t be very shallow. However, homes with older children may prefer a shower. | Read More