What constitutes sprucing up a house for sale has changed over the years, with the once recommended white paint and wallpaper now frowned upon. Realtor and accredited staging professional Wendy Harris of Team Harris Real Estate in Fayetteville, N.C., says, “It is a price war and beauty contest when you’re a seller in today’s market. Be realistic in the sale price, and you’ve got to win the beauty pageant hands down.” She says photography is crucial because if a prospective buyer does not fall in love with the house based on the online photo, they will not tour the home or write an offer. It is important to declutter the home before taking pictures, along with removing personal items, cleaning the home, and eliminating any pet and cigarette odors. They should use a neutral color paint if the walls need a touch up, and when it comes to curb appeal, they should trim shrubbery to ensure light enters the windows, pressure-wash decks, remove clutter like old flowerpots and excess furniture, repair and paint fences, and clear roof and gutter debris. | Read More