Mary O’Grady of Brighton, Mass.-based Stage To Sell says staging can make listings stand out in a hot market and, when done correctly, staged homes can sell faster and for more than the asking price. O’Grady says stagers ensure the home looks its best, eliminating distractions like raised toilet seats and dishes in the sink. The most common mistake sellers make is to ignore clutter. “You fell in love with the house for a reason, and you need to show that reason to the next buyer,” she says. Meanwhile, Marianne Cherico of Foxborough-based Interiors by Marianne Cherico stresses the importance of the home looking clean and consistent and having a proper flow. Stagers also emphasize neutralization and depersonalization in an effort to appeal to the broadest audience. Cherico notes that poorly taken listing photos can turn off buyers, and other stagers point out that sellers only get one chance to make a good first impression. Some contend that it is important to focus on the outside of the house because if the exterior looks neglected, buyers will assume that the inside does, too. “Staging is not just moving some decorations and furniture around,” remarks Cherico. “I look at how can I get the best return for the seller, so their investment is worth it.” | Read More