Some 68 percent of house-hunters who used a mobile device to look for properties sought out a Realtor for a showing as a direct result of that mobile search, finds a survey conducted by The Real Estate Book. “Our research supports that homebuyers are turning to their smartphones and tablets in their search and taking action to reach real estate professionals,” said Scott Dixon, an executive with the Real Estate Book’s parent company, Network Communications Inc. Of the more than 4,000 respondents who participated in the poll, which was done between Jan. 26 and Feb. 3 of this year, 52 percent confirmed using a mobile device in their property search, with 46 percent calling it an “essential” tool and 52 percent deeming it “helpful.” Of the 48 percent who did not use a mobile device to do a home search, 85 percent said they would consider doing so in the future. The survey results indicated that 78 percent of mobile house-hunters use their device to view photos and videos of for-sale residences; 66 percent request more information about a particular listing; 60 percent retrieve listing details, including contact information; 57 percent use GPS to locate a listing; 55 percent search for listings by city; 42 percent download a for-sale property search application; and 30 percent share listing data with other people. | Read More