Best Overall Washer and Dryer Pedestal

EZ Laundry Pedestal with Built-In Drain and Hose

While most high-end washer and dryer brands feature matching pedestals you can buy separately, they’re usually pricey. EZ Laundry’s universal risers are designed to fit a wide variety of brands and are more economically priced, making them our top pick for best pedestal for washer and dryers. One of the first universal brands on the market, it’s been improved to have a sleeker look, as well as movable legs to provide more stability. The feet are also adjustable to reduce wobbles and vibration.


At 28 inches by 28 inches, it will fit almost all mainstream brands
It has 16 inches of height to fit a laundry basket underneath
Rubber feet on bottom reduce problems with machines “walking” while operating
Steel construction can support up to 700 pounds, enough to handle a 300-pound washing machine filled with water and laundry
Built-in drainage pan and hose to catch any leaks


Underneath storage is an open shelf, not a drawer

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