Stitched to perfection, Clara Von Zweigbergk shows us that the art of crochet can be made modern in this rug collection for GAN. Appropriately called The Crochet Collection, the series of virgin wool, oval rugs handmade in India add color and texture in the same way a knitted shawl does to an outfit.

von Zweigbergk was inspired by her own mother who taught her to sew and knit from a young age. She combines her talents in graphic design and illustration with her experience in the art of knitting to create the collection of four contemporary rug designs. The Crochet Mono is 39” x 5’11” and comes in blue, pink, and beige color ways.The Crochet Trio unites the individual rugs in a single rug, combining colors and arches to create a vibrant, graphic effect.