How many times have you wandered out to the backyard only to find a poor, helpless animal who went for a swim or fell in your in-ground or above-ground pool and couldn’t get out? To prevent that from happening, get the FrogLog. This floating escape ramp helps small creatures find their way to safety.

You might not be able to keep animals out of your pool, but you can provide a way for them to get out. If you’ve ever had to fish a dead frog or squirrel out of the water, you know it’s not a pleasant job. This smart product keeps your pool clean, reduces maintenance and saves critters from drowning.

What is a FrogLog?

The Swimline FrogLog is a flotation device with a ramp that helps small animals—including frogs, chipmunks, lizards, ducklings, mice, squirrels, snakes, bats, birds and frogs—escape from your pool. It’s made with durable ultraviolet (UV)-resistant denier nylon, and features a mesh ramp. It comes with a weighted sandbag to keep it secured to the side of the pool. The 18-inch-by-18-inch inflatable landing pad has a mesh skirt and floats in the water so that small animals (up to 1 pound) can climb out safely.

This clever critter-saving escape ramp is designed and tested by wildlife biologists for maximum effectiveness. It’s a must-have pool accessory, so you won’t have to deal with the nasty job of coroner.

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FrogLog Animal-Saving Pool Ramp

FrogLog is an inflatable ramp that helps small animals escape drowning in your pool.

How to Use a FrogLog

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, this critter saver does its job. When animals are stranded, they’ll swim around the edge of the pool looking for an escape route. When they bump into the FrogLog, they’ll intuitively hop on top and use the ramp to climb to safety.

Setting up the FrogLog is simple. Blow up the floating landing pad with air, then fill the sandbag with enough rocks or sand (not included) to ballast it to the side of your pool. Place the FrogLog upstream from the skimmers. That’s it!

Depending on the size of your pool and the number of skimmer intakes, you may need more than one FrogLog. For instance, a 25-foot-by-50-foot pool could benefit from up to four FrogLogs, especially if the pump and filter run at night. Since dusk is when most critters find their way to your pool, the manufacturer suggests turning the pump off at night to reduce the chance of animals being pulled into the skimmer and drowning before they find the FrogLog.

Even if you have a pool cover, critters can find a way to take a swim in your pool, so it’s not a bad idea to place the FrogLog under or above pool covers for peace of mind.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With over 6,700 five-star ratings just on Amazon alone, it’s clear that shoppers are relieved to have found a solution to animals drowning in their pools.

Grayson Newland, a five-star reviewer, writes, “I have an older in-ground pool with no steps, just ladders. We also live right on the edge of the woods—bad combination for animals. The years before I bought this, I had a dead mouse, frog or chipmunk at least two times per month in the pool. It was nasty. Since I bought this, I have not had a single one in two summers of use. I’ve placed it downstream of the main jet, and I’ve seen multiple animals climb on this thing and climb out. If you are tired of fetching dead animals out of your pool, this is the thing for you.”

Very pleased with the quality of these little critter savers,” shares Scott M, a verified purchaser. “We live in the country, and every day I would find at least two and usually more dead frogs in the pool skimmers before I purchased these. I would say these are 95% effective in reducing dead critters. Currently, I am using one by each skimmer in a very large pool.”

“Every night, I find the toads/frogs resting on this, and they immediately jump into the pool. This allows such easy entry/exit for them,” writes another five-star reviewer, J Benson. “This is my second one, and in two years, I have not had to deal with a dead animal in the skimmer in that entire time. The easy exit means that they are done swimming and gone before I even get up in the morning. On the rare afternoons that one is present, they are able to hide on the pad (under the netting) from the harsh sun.”

Where to Buy a FrogLog

Product Spotlight

FrogLog Pool Ramp

FrogLog escape ramp helps small critters get out of the pool instead of drowning.

Why wouldn’t you add this under-$20 accessory to your pool? The life-saving FrogLog is available online through Walmart and Amazon. Not only will the FrogLog save time and money with pool cleaning and maintenance, but Mother Nature would be proud that you did your part to save the animals.

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