Regulating the moisture levels in a home can be a challenging task for any homeowner. Often, poor ventilation and too much humidity lead to troublesome mold build up. Kitchen and bathroom fans should be used regularly to circulate air throughout the home and pull dampness out of the atmosphere. Since a number of homes will still be susceptible to mold, homeowners should use an air recovery ventilator which can be connected to ductwork or operate separately in the home. The ARV will circulate fresh air throughout the space and remove poor air quality in the home; the units range from about $1,500 to $3,000. If a home is affected by a lack of humidity, using a humidifier is essential. The humidifier will control moisture levels which can also impact woodwork and other furniture in a home. Humidifiers will not only improve air quality in a home, but will enhance the health of individuals who are susceptible to inhaling very dry air during frigid winter months.

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