Space heaters come in all shapes and sizes for different applications, depending on the space and type of heat you want. From ceramic to infrared to electric fireplaces and plug-in baseboard heaters, theres a wide range to choose from. But having a portable space heater is especially convenient because you can move it around your home as needed.

Unlike most space heaters, the Lasko portable space heater is approved for bathroom use and supposedly transforms a frigid bathroom into a warm spa. I was excited to test it to see if it lives up to the hype.

What is the Lasko portable space heater?

This Lasko space heater is a 1,500-watt electric ceramic convection space heater thats ideal for warming up your chilly bathroom or other small spaces. Small but mighty, it throws out heat instantly. The internal fan is surprisingly powerful and moves the warm air throughout the room.

This bathroom-approved space heater is built for safety and ease of use. With one large 3-inch push button on the top of the unit, you can choose between high, low or one-hour high heat settings. And when you’re ready to turn it off, simply hit the button again. The large print and visible lights make it user friendly for nearly any age or ability.

If youre searching for a good-looking tabletop space heater, the soft lines and knob-free design of the Lasko rival even the sleekest of devices. Wire mesh covers the heating mechanism, adding to its elegant profile. For such a compact and sleek design, this 8-inch-high portable space heater feels solid and stable and weighs less than 4 pounds. And with the tiny 6-1/4-inch by 6-1/4-inch footprint, it feels right at home on a counter or desk.

We Tried It

Lasko Portable Space Heater

Designed for bathroom use, this portable space heater warms your space with one simple button.

Lasko Portable Space Heater Features

I love the safety features built into this machine, like the one-hour off setting and the built-in overheat protection. This unit is outfitted with a two-pronged integrated appliance leakage current interrupter (ALCI) safety plug, which acts like a circuit breaker if it senses a power imbalance. The plug includes a test and reset button, much like a hair dryer. As a result, this unit is approved for bathroom use. And with its long 6-foot cord, youll have flexibility with where you place it.

The Lasko has a cool-touch exterior and a courtesy power light on the front to let you know the unit is still plugged into a power source. For reference, the high setting is 1,500 watts and the low setting is 750 watts.

How We Tested It

My 10-foot by 6-foot bathroom is encased in tile and, as a consequence, it is cold. Even if the thermostat in my house is set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the bathroom always feels chilly. From the moment the outdoor temperatures started to drop, Ive used this heater every time I step into my stone-cold shower. Before I use the unit, I always check the premises to ensure there are no flammables, such as nail polish remover, hair spray or tissues on the counter, just in case. Id hate to interrupt my shower with firetrucks. Once I turn the Lasko portable space heater on, the room quickly warms up.

To see how warm the heater would make my bathroom, I found an old thermometer and timed it. I placed the thermometer behind the heater, and within 10 minutes, my 60-square-foot bathroom warmed up 8 degrees Fahrenheit on the high heat setting. Within 30 minutes, the overall temperature of the bathroom had risen 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quiet fan circulates the heat and warms the entire space. Its louder than my bathroom exhaust fan, but not annoyingly loud. I tested the noise level with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) app on my phone, and it scored 58.1 decibels (dB). In other words, it fell in the range of normal conversation or background music. However, I might not want this space heater on my desktop while talking on the phone. For comparison, the sound level in my bathroom was 30 dB before turning the space heater on. (Decibel levels above 85 can damage hearing.)

I rarely use the Lasko portable heater for the entire hour since it heats like a beast on high. Generally, I turn it off or down to low once Im out of the tub. Either way, the fan speed and noise level are the same on both the high and low settings.


Safe for bathroom useInstant heatEasy-to-use three-heat settingsOne-hour shutoff settingOverheat shutoff protectionQuiet operationInternal fanCompact and lightweightThree-year limited warranty


Not meant for large spacesNo tip-over automatic shutoffFan cant be controlled


Do portable heaters use a lot of electricity?

The short answer is no. Most space heaters are 1,500 watts. If you run a space heater for eight hours a day, it may cost you about $2 per day, depending on your local rates. Weve broken it down even further in our guide on how much electricity a space heater uses. Most electric space heaters arent designed to heat large spaces, but theyll warm up a chilly room without turning up the heat for the entire house.

Are portable heaters safe to use indoors?

Yes, portable heaters are safe to use indoors (these are the three safest!). In general, keeping combustibles at least 3 feet away from all sides of the heater is best practice. Be sure to check the specs and user manuals for specifics. You’ll also want to purchase one from a reputable brand, like Lasko, and check if the product has met standardized product safety certifications and have UL, ETL or NTRL listings.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Im not the only person who loves this Lasko bathroom heater. Over 4,270 Amazon customers have given the unit five out of five stars.

“Wow,” says verified purchaser, Helen. This thing is small but so strong. It heats up the bathroom so quick and fast which is great for bathing my toddler in the winter. Our bathroom doesnt hold heat that well from our central heating so this really helps. Get it. You wont regret it!”

We have an old wall heater that stopped working years ago and have used a variety of heaters to warm the space to varying success,” shares five-star reviewer, Courtney Larson, “This heater not only heats the room fantastically, but is easy to turn on and off. The ease of the button on the top makes turning this on and off wonderful for those of us with joint/muscle issues. I completely recommend this heater for small bathrooms and those who have trouble with knobs and smaller buttons.

Roger Sharp, says another five-star reviewer, We are in assistant living, and wheelchair access provides space under sink for this heater. We placed ours on a 1-foot plastic step stool (from Amazon). Alternatively, it will fit nicely on a counter close to electrical outlet. Takes the chill from the bath area, and the automatic one-hour turnoff is another good feature.

Final Verdict

This Lasko portable space heater is a game changer for my chilly bathroom. I love how quickly it warms up the space and the compact design. Since the heat works immediately, Ive even used it as a quick hand warmer after being outdoors to take the chill off. This little unit is easy to stow away in a cabinet when not in use and it doesn’t take up valuable space.

I really love the simple big-button control. No more fiddling with knobs, searching for remotes or breaking out the bifocals to make it work. Just plug it in and hit the button. Instant heat! Plus, this little space heater doesnt take up much room, so I leave it on my counter. I turn it on, close the door and walk into a spa warm bathroom five minutes later. I absolutely love the Lasko and highly recommend it.

Where to Buy the Lasko Portable Space Heater

We Tried It

Lasko Portable Space Heater

Take the chill off with this powerful, yet compact, tabletop space heater.

Pick up this cozy heater (for a budget-friendly price!) on Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware and Sylvane. For mere pennies a day, you can have a luxurious, warm shower and keep Old Man Winter out of your bathroom.

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