The new Manico armchair, the fourth collaborative effort between It’s Great Design and designer Giuseppe Arezzi, offers an inspirational backstory along with a place to kick back and relax.

“I designed the Manico armchair in 2012 for a design competition held by a historic furniture store in Catania. The designers, exclusively Sicilians, were asked to present the design of a piece of furniture inspired by Sicily,” Arezzi explained. “I decided to tell the story of the transition from traditional agriculture – which used manual tools, such as hoes and rakes – to contemporary agriculture, which makes use of increasingly sophisticated machinery. The Manico armchair, built with the handles of tools that are no longer used, is now the new chair of the farmer who’s cooling off under an olive tree, looking out at the machines that work for him: an ode to the authentic and simple Sicilian culture.”

The new Manico armchair is, of course, manufactured in Italy. Using a structure made of ash wood, straps of natural leather, a few pieces of stainless steel, and a mixed cotton/linen fabric, it’s brought to life. You have the choice between blue, green, yellow, and white cushions to make your rural Italian dreams a reality.

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Photography by Natale Leontini