Founders of New York-based architecture and design studio Roman and Williams, Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, are launching their Series of New Collections, the first release of new furniture and lighting since their inaugural collection launched at the opening of RW Guild in 2017. Marking the 20th anniversary of Roman and Williams this month, RW Guild presents two furniture collections: the OVO Collection and the DADO Collection.

First up is the OVO Collection, which consists of a dining chair and table inspired by the forms found in nature, namely the ovate-shape leaves found on the elm and beech trees on the designers’ Montauk residence.

Ovate leaves have a narrow top, broad base, and sturdy mid-section with veins branching out. The OVO Dining Chair is reminiscent of this shape with its exposed central spine and the OVO Table, with its rounded sides and angled legs, evoke the same contours and smooth margins of the leaf.

The DADO Collection currently leads with its introductory piece, the Dado Desk, but will soon be joined by a dining table, side table, and bench. Like the OVO Chair, the desk features an exposed spine in the middle that characteristically distinguishes the pieces. The details of the wood joinery highlights the exceptional craftsmanship and beauty of the wood grain. Only four pieces of RW Guild original hardware fasteners show the points of attachment underneath the desk.

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Photos by GENTL & HYERS.