Jonathan and Drew Scott, hosts of the popular HGTV program “Property Brothers,” share their tips for making any home more energy efficient. Jonathan recommends upgrading lights to light-emitting diode bulbs that use less energy, and using synthetic grass that is now made to look like real grass without the need for water or mowing. Drew recommends installing a tankless hot water system that heats only the water needed. He also recommends improving insulation, especially around windows and doors. To reduce heat and air conditioning loss through leaky windows and doors, Drew suggests replacing them with high-performance models or using film sheet and adhesive kits, which help increase the ‘R-value’ of the window pane, weather-stripping and caulking to plug any air leaks, and using heavier drapes. In addition, installing solar panels for clean, sustainable energy is becoming more and more affordable. “Many people are wary because of assumed high costs,” Drew says. However, he companies such as Sunrun will install, insure, monitor, and maintain the solar panels. “Sunrun’s solar service model is helping current customers to save about $20,000 over the lifetime of their 20-year agreement,” Drew notes. | Read More