Selling a home can become an arduous task that is eased most often by hiring a stager. Stagers have valuable experience accentuating a home to increase its appeal and their objectivity is key to advising a seller. Stagers can be hired to do a full furnishing of an empty home or to enhance rooms that are already furnished; additionally, sellers can always opt to do the staging themselves. The advantage to hiring a third party includes having a perspective that is accustomed to targeting buyers and usually most stagers have experience selling homes faster. The rates of hiring a stager vary according to the time needed for the project, which ranges from 90-day rates to hourly rate, depending on the kind of staging needed. Generally, stagers will use props and other furnishings, or work with existing clutter to improve the spaciousness of a home. Due to the economy, bargaining with stagers for a good price is a good option for current sellers. However, for sellers who want to stage the home themselves, eliminating clutter, old furniture, and personal items in a home will be a great step toward selling any property. | Read More