Earlier this month, at Nomad St. Moritz in Switzerland, Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier opened the doors to its immersive New Alpine installation. The French furniture brand’s showcase found inspiration in the simplicity and craftsmanship of the Swedish “Sportstugemöbler” movement. Originally created by the late design visionary Axel Einar Hjorth, Yovanovitch is a longtime fan. New Alpine brought together a group of new and existing work – few new highlights include the solid oak-backed Mindy Sofa and Eloi Chair, and the wood-based Hexa Chair that’s offered in a vintage tapestry fabric. There’s also a gouged wood floor lamp available in a new flared lampshade.

“In many ways, this show reflects the essence of my approach to design in that it focuses on the use of vernacular materials to create modern, yet light-hearted furniture and lighting pieces,” said Yovanovitch. “The installation is a celebration of the alpine aesthetic, but the deeper inspiration comes from my longtime love for the Swedish Grace movement of the 1920s, of which Hjorth and his Sportstugemöbler aesthetic were the cornerstone.”

This installation of Yovanovitch’s work features 23 pieces of furniture and lighting, all set within three alpine-inspired rooms. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the collection as though they were within a mountain home by Yovanovitch himself. As with all of his work, the pieces of New Alpine were created with quality and longevity in mind. Locally certified, sustainable materials were used whenever possible.

Pierre Yovanovitch

To learn more about New Alpine, visit pierreyovanovitch.com.