In 2014, Italian/Japanese design studio Mist-o founded by Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani launched their Moon bedside table for Italian company Living Divani. The studio has recently resumed and expanded the line with three new variants that share the original table’s same formal language, resulting in a cohesive product family that’s as beautiful as it is (secretly) functional.

Appropriately named, the Moon Eclipse combines a low and wide cylinder, with a satellite container equipped with a swivel and removable insert for storing bottles and glasses. The two pieces are connected by a hinge, and the swivel door uses an integrated magnet to ensure closure.

The Moon Satellite is a tall cylinder container on wheels, so it can be used and easily moved for different purposes. The lower compartment can store taller objects while the upper compartment functions as a catch-all.

Lastly, the Full Moon table is a low and wide volume with a hinged opening that reveals a swivel and extractable insert. Perfect as a coffee table, this piece offers spacious hidden storage organized on different levels.