Looking for the perfect fire pit tool to manage your Bonfire? Me too. Speaking from experience, it can be a little embarrassing when you have guests over and your fire pit is roaring beyond your control. That’s why I’ve had my eye on this lightweight multitool that flips, turns and chops logs all in one device: The Pit Command Ranger.

The Ranger is a carbon-steel tool designed for managing fire pits and campfires. It’s the perfect portable multitool that saves you space when it comes to storing fire pit accessories. Plus, it’s lightweight, so just about anyone can use it. Keep reading for more details and specs on the Pit Command Ranger.

What is the Pit Command Ranger?

The Pit Command Ranger is a fire pit tool for medium-sized fire pits and campfires. It’s modeled after the original Commander, with an axe-like chopper, serrated hook and poker for stoking fires and positioning firewood.

The Ranger has the same features as the Commander but in a smaller, lighter form. It’s ideal for managing small to medium fires while camping, hiking or traveling. The three-in-one tool features carbon steel, which makes it sturdy and fireproof, yet also lightweight. (Psst! Carbon steel has a higher tensile strength and is stronger than stainless steel.) Plus, the powder coating on Pit Command tools give them a durable finish that can resist the elements.

Pit Command tools are made in Northwestern Pennsylvania by generational steel workers. Keeping production close means greater quality control and local community support.

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Pit Command Ranger

Cut, turn, grab and pull wood all with this easy-to-use tool. Everything you need for fire pit maintenance fits in one hand!

How to Use the Pit Command Ranger

The Pit Command Ranger has a 26-inch handle with molded grips for easy, safe handling, and a 6-inch head. The whole thing weighs just over a pound, making it easy for anyone to control the fire. Using the Pit Command Ranger couldn’t be simpler: The serrated hook pulls, grabs and turns over pieces of wood, while the axe-like chopper splits logs into the right size for your campfire or fire pit.

Instead of switching between tools to adjust and control your fire, reach for the Ranger. It’s the perfect multitool for fire maintenance, and even saves space when it comes to storing fire pit accessories and tools. Plus, the Ranger comes in four colors: orange, black, green and red, so you can tend the fire in style.

Where to Buy the Pit Command Ranger

Shop the Pit Command Ranger at pitcommand.com. The 3-in-1 tool retails for $119, while the larger Commander runs $149. Handle your fire with ease this fire pit season and snag one of these expertly crafted fire pit tools today.

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