Interwoven is a public installation designed by Atelier Cho Thompson, a multidisciplinary design and concept firm that was selected as the winner of the 2021 Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition. The installation comprises colorful interactive archways that, when crossed, come alive with synchronized lights and original melodies made specifically for the installation. Interwoven is inspired by the intersections that form the Flatiron Building’s shape and incredible woven tapestry of America’s cultures.

On one section of Interwoven, an interactive story wall encourages visitors to share their response to a thoughtful prompt. Selected by the Youth Fellows from the People’s Bus NYC, a former bus used on Rikers Island that has been transformed into a community center on wheels, the prompt is: “I dream of a world where together we can…” The story wall reflects the hopeful spirit of New Yorkers and visitors.

Photos by Martin Seck via BowerBird.