Perhaps no rooms matter more to prospective home buyers than the kitchen and bathrooms. Accessorizing and redecorating the bathroom can be fun and relatively hassle-free. To begin accessorizing, it is helpful to choose a theme, such as water. The owner can begin by choosing a toilet seat cover, shower curtain, and curtain blinds that include turquoise or other shades of blue. To continue the theme, choose fish-shaped towel hooks, dolphin-shaped toothbrush and soap holders, and towels that feature fish or vibrant blue colors. A wicker basket filled with sea shells, and a selection of seaweed soaps, will complement the bathroom perfectly. Those who desire a more subtle, romantic look to their bathroom may choose to place candles around the bathtub, arrange elegant perfume bottles on the bathroom shelves, and keep plush pink and white towels in a charming basket. Another basket of soaps, herbal shampoos, and pretty jars of body creams will add to the effect. Which ever style is chosen, the one essential will be an attractive mirror to reflect the candlelight or wall lighting. | Read More