This article offers several tips for home sellers to keep in mind when trying to sell a home in the summer. Home owners should keep the home cool by keeping the air conditioning running; this is especially important for the upper level. Keeping the home clean can be difficult with children, but sending kids to camp or to a relative’s for the summer listing period can help. Odors from pet and trash should also be kept out of the house in the summer as the heat can make it worse. Allowing as much sun light in as possible is also critical. Putting away winter clothing will open up more space in closets. Potential buyers may also be encouraged to buy if they are offered fresh fruit and cold drinks. Planting colorful flowers and keeping the lawn cut will enhance curb appeal. Staging the outside of the home to simulate gatherings can enhance the look of a house. Finally, the backyard can be improved aesthetically with a trickling fountain. | Read More