Prior to selling, homeowners should consider a few tips to maximize the appeal of their homes. First, repairing the exterior of a home is among the most important home improvements a seller should commit to, which includes refining landscape and enhancing paint. Inside, the home should be spotless, which entails dusting fans and polishing mirrors, as well as cleaning windows. A number of home improvements can be made on a small budget, including caulking showers and fixing broken cabinets. Most of all, homeowners should avoid clutter at all costs, so any unnecessary items should be put in storage; rooms without clutter appear larger to potential buyers. Since decor is as important as other aesthetic details, sellers should paint walls a neutral color and arrange furniture in a way that compliments the space in the room. A home should smell pleasing to the buyer, so plugging in air fresheners is important, as is the scent of fresh linen. The temperature of a home is equally important, so in the summertime the home should be cool and in the winter the space should be warm and welcoming. Finally, anything that is not being sold to the new homeowner, like fixtures, should be removed or replaced so that buyers know exactly what they will be purchasing.
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