Coldwell Banker real estate agent Amy Stusek reminds home owners that when it comes to marketing a home in the winter, there are plenty of things to be mindful of. Perhaps none of which are more important than curb appeal. “[Curb appeal] is so important because it’s the first thing buyers see when they drive by your house. Don’t neglect to fix things right in front of your door,” Stusek says. As the temperatures drop, people are less likely to get out of their cars, so a pleasant front yard is even more important during the winter months. In addition to looking nice on the outside, the smell of your home is essential for a prospective home buyer, Stusek says. “People have pets, they go in and out every day and they can’t smell it. But people should realize that people can smell their cats and dogs. It’s very important to make sure that smell is gone when showing a house,” Stusek notes. You have to keep your home tidy at all times in order to quickly accommodate your realtor and potential buyers, she adds. Tips that will make a home more presentable to buyers, and also help people prepare to move into their new digs, include: clear out clutter; pack up most personal photographs; keep the kitchen clean; keep the closets tidy too; remove any window treatments, light fixtures, appliances, or other “attached” items that a seller plans to take with them; freshen up paint and make repairs to things such as torn screens, cracked tiles and rotting windowsills; and make sure there are no burned out bulbs inside or outside the home. | Read More