Crawling insects known as earwigs often invade homes, yards, and gardens. They thrive in dark, moist conditions and in organic material and mulch. Earwigs are not poisonous but have pinchers that can pierce through skin. To get rid of earwigs, it is important to make sure that doors have good seals and there are no openings through which insects can enter. A pesticide barrier around the home can be applied, but unless it is professional grade, it may wash away in the rain. A barrier will only be effective if the pesticide saturates the ground around the house. Placing feeders in the yard can help attract hungry birds, which eat earwigs and other bugs. Some online sites recommend using a short aluminum can and filling it with about 1/2 inch of vegetable oil. The earwigs crawl inside the can and drown. Another type of trap attempts to mimic earwigs’ hiding place. It is made by loosely rolling newspaper, securing it with a rubber band, and soaking it in water. The trap should be left overnight to allow bugs to crawl inside. In the morning, the trap should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed tightly before being thrown away. | Read More