Along with putting up the “for sale” sign, there are a number of other details an owner must consider when putting a home on the market. The first thing a potential buyer is going to see is the outside of the house. Walk out to the street to get a better view of the house, and check to see if it needs a new coat of paint, the shrubbery needs trimming, the front porch needs some work, or even if the home needs a new front door, which is an eye-catching feature for potential buyers. Sidewalks and driveways may also need some attention. The interior of the home should be scrubbed of personal touches as much as possible so that a potential buyer can imagine themselves in that space. While the owner may like purple walls, when it comes time to sell all of the interiors should be a soothing, neutral tone. White, beige, tan, or any warm, relaxing color blends well with furniture and gives the buyer the opportunity to move in without much work. Avoid distracting wallpaper, and overly bright drapes and curtains. Kitchens should show off space, so clear off the counters, and hide all the small appliances. Clean several times, making sure the carpets are stain-free and the windows and clear and shiny. It may even be necessary to replace dull or rusty sinks, toilets, or tile. While this can seem onerous and expensive, it may make the difference between thousands of dollars in the selling price. Finally, “stage” the home with a few extras such as fresh flowers, candles, and fresh fruit on the kitchen table. | Read More