Since the kitchen is generally viewed as the most important room in a home, some important considerations should be made for redesigning this space. Homeowners should follow 10 simple tips for kitchen design, starting with prioritizing kitchen functionality. When considering kitchen design, no more than six feet should be between the sink, refrigerator, and stove. The next tip is planning for room storage; cabinets can be vertically stacked to allow for more room, while deer drawers are a functional plus. It is useful to incorporate recycling bins in some cabinets to encourage green-friendly waste disposal. Since the kitchen requires greater lighting than other rooms, minimize the possibility for cast shadows. Homeowners should also ensure that power sources are located conveniently for new appliances, while discarding old appliances that are sure to stick out after the remodel. When selecting a new counter, be sure that the surface is easy to care for and that there will be enough counter space; a range hood should be selected for its noise level and efficiency. Finally, if there are small children in the home, ensure that rounded countertops and slip-resistant floors are selected; some floors might need occasional resealing, so remember to include this consideration.

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