It seems to be everywhere in news headlines—the real estate market continues to strengthen, and finally homeowners are seeing some increase in their home’s value. For homeowners who want to improve the value of their home, there are a lot of great renovations and updates that can be made, and there are ways to save on the costs of these renovations, with a little planning. Money-saving home renovation and update tips include: buying materials online. Many homeowners make the mistake of having their home repair professional do the shopping for things like light fixtures, faucets, etc. Instead, homeowners should do their own shopping, and buying them online can save a lot of money versus buying them in traditional home repair stores. Whenever possible, do-it-yourself projects are a great way to save money. For example, if a homeowner wants to add a security system, a do it yourself home security system might be the best option. Even if a homeowner isn’t handy, they can do the prep work and leave the actual renovation to the experts. When buying things to update a home, whether it’s appliances, fixtures, etc., look for floor models. Many times it’s possible to find high-quality items at prices that are discounted as much as 70 percent. When working with subcontractors, get at least three quotes from three different contractors. Contractors are almost always willing to negotiate, and always get quotes in writing. When buying a bulk quantity of something, such as tile or flooring materials, ask for a discount. Many retailers are willing to provide a percentage off the cost of items when they’re purchased in bulk. If possible, wait for sales and look for coupons and discounts. Finding a great sale or coupon isn’t just for clothes and small items—everyone from home improvement retailers to security system companies offer discounts, if you’re patient enough to look around. | Read More