The open wicker basket paired with a white blanket is a nice option for this monochromatic tree. Photo by Mariana Rascão on Unsplash.

I prefer a Christmas tree basket so much more than a tree skirt. They finish off a tree with clean lines. My house is full of large storage baskets for toys, blankets, and all sorts of stuff. I really wanted to make one of them work, without cutting the basket, so I could use it as a basket again.

The only problem was my artificial Christmas tree base was too big. Here is my simple, no-skills needed, DIY solution to make one of my wicker storage baskets work as a Christmas tree basket stand.   

Here’s what you need to make your own Christmas tree basket base:

A Christmas tree stand with an over all size that’s smaller than your basket. Yes, you can swap out your Christmas tree stand without getting a new tree. Most stores carry a version of these stands for artificial trees. If you’re buying a real tree make sure you get a round stand. The base that came with my artificial tree was 24 inches. Finding a basket that large is expensive and really hard. All of my large baskets were 18-19 inches, so I needed a tree stand with a diameter that was 18 inches or less. This one from Amazon would work great. 

Any basket that has an inside diameter as big or a little bigger than your tree stand.

Step 1

This DIY is so easy. No cutting and no major tools. Drop the tree stand in the basket and you’re good to go. No saws, no ruining baskets, no hot gluing. Just a basket that can be used again and again.

When Christmas is over this basket will go back to storing all my magazines.

On the other hand your tree stand might already work. I have a smaller tree that goes in my son’s room. The smaller tree stand easily fit right in my son’s stuffed animal storage. When I put the tree up after Christmas, the basket can go right back to being toy storage.

This was simple, stylish and easy. I let my son decorate this tree. I didn’t move one thing. Do you know how hard that was? I love that it is his and only his.

If you do not already have a large basket, here are some baskets, in a variety of materials, that might work for you.

A few of our favorite baskets

Beige Cotton Rope Basket – Amazon

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White + Tan Cotton Rope Basket – Amazon

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Brown Felt Woven Basket – Amazon

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Large Coiled Basket – Target

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Large Leather Open Weave Basket – Rejuvenation

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Sundak Storage Baskets – The Citizenry

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Christmas Tree Basket Design Inspiration

Open weave basket paired with a cozy blanket from Lily Ardor.

Madison over at Blushing Bungalow styled this slim tree in a taller basket using a combination of bricks and styrofoam in the bottom of her basket to get the right height and look for her Christmas tree without using a tree stand. Head over to her site for all the details!

This gorgeous tree (and cat!) from Life on Virginia Street uses a more traditional woven basket tree collar from Pottery Barn. A wicker tree collar looks great, but seldom can be used again after the holidays.

A perfectly minimal, but cozy tree basket styling from The Merry Thought.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use for your tree? Let us know in the comments below!

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