What once was “location, location, location” for a home is now “price, price, price.” “When you’re listing in this market, you’re competing with foreclosures,” said Curry Jameson of Realty Executives in Reno, Nev. “It’s still a downward market. You have to be competitive. [The house] has to show very well. One, it has to be uncluttered; two, and this is really important, if someone is driving by the front, it has to be immaculate looking to attract someone to go through the front door.” A seller who is willing to assume some of the closing costs or help a buyer obtain financing also has an edge over the competition, Jameson said. Once a prospective buyer has stepped through the front door, a home free of clutter is more attractive that one that is not, said Cheryl Flagg of Stage & Sell, a company that spruces up for-sale homes. Reduce clutter by emptying out most of the cupboards and closets, which should not be a problem since sellers will have to box everything up eventually, Flagg said. “Then arrange furniture so the rooms flow nicely,” she added. Declutter outside as well. Pick up debris in the gardens, lay down fresh mulch where it is needed, plant some fresh spring plants, and hide away things like garbage cans. | Read More