Volker Haug Studio returned to Italy for Milan Design Week for the first time since 2019 with the und Messing lighting collection. Meaning “and brass,” und Messing explores the brand’s cornerstone material by pushing it to the limits of experimentation, along with their own capabilities. The series of designs came together over the past two years, sharing a material but individually revealing the hand of its maker through nuanced traces of their process.

The Melbourne-based studio has had a strong focus on working locally for 15 years, and und Messing refreshed that commitment to their community. Local craftspeople allowed them to make real-time decisions, chasing after unusual traits revealed during the hand-manipulation production. In fact, Volker Haug’s design team forewent sketches altogether, instead opting to dive right into prototyping for these reasons. These personalized touches give und Messing its unique personality in the end. Various colors of brass – from polished to dark – give each piece of lighting its own fingerprint, making them all one-of-a-kind.

Half Buckle \ Photo: Pier Carthew

Loose Thread \ Photo: Pier Carthew

Plane \ Photo: Pier Carthew

Wall Buckle \ Photo: Pier Carthew

Wall Index \ Photo: Pier Carthew

To learn more about und Messing, visit volkerhaug.com.