Debbie Cocilovo, a construction manager for Contemporary Pools and Spas, says there are several things homeowners can do to pools to make a house more attractive on the market. Cocilovo says when renovating a pool it is important to keep a budget in mind, because need, size, and condition of the yard will determine how much needs to be spent. Owners of vinyl pools may want to consider replacing the vinyl lining or adding a new entry point to the pool. Poured concrete pools can benefit from a “pebble sheen look and a new plaster coating. Additionally, upgrading a backyard patio can add value to a home and pool. Planters, cantilever-styled pavers, natural stone patio, and a water feature are excellent options. Cocilovo says chlorine generators have become very popular and is an easy way to update an older pool. Chlorine generators turn the salt used in the water into chlorine, which saves pool owners from purchasing more chemicals. “If you have a pool (and are trying to sell your home), it should look beautiful, it should be well-planted and be clean. A lot of homeowners think that fixing a pool won’t do anything and when selling a house, people won’t spend the money and do the work; but a really nice pool will sell a house,” says Cocilovo. | Read More