Lenders and appraisers generally do not recognize the benefits of green construction. Many lenders are unaware of energy-efficient mortgages, and those that have heard of them believe the requirements are too cumbersome. Experts say green features are not included on the uniform residential appraisal form, and borrowers are urged to accompany appraisers to make sure that energy-saving features are identified. Experts encourage borrowers to ask appraisers to assume a cost approach to the valuation, rather than seek out comparables that do not exist. To help appraisers, experts say builders and borrowers should prove a rating from a recognized agency indicating the home’s energy efficiency, a breakdown of the costs of green and energy-efficient components, blueprints and product specifications, information about tax breaks and other incentives for energy-efficient components, and a comparison of features in green vs. code-built homes. | Read More