Real estate photos have become standard in property listings, so sellers who want to grab and hold the attention of prospective buyers should look to video. Reports from Realtors indicate that homes promoted through video move off the market more quickly and command higher prices. The first step in adopting this marketing strategy is to choose a video style. The options range from basic walk-throughs to offbeat skits to scripted movie shorts that relay a home’s history and showcase its functionality. Property professionals can choose the style that best suits them and use it for all of their listings, or they can switch up their approach based on the clients and the particular home. No matter which route they take, hiring a professional to produce the video is highly recommended. That individual should have experience with the kind of video requested, a professional staff, and value-added services such as technical assistance or Web page hosting. Finally, sellers will have to address the issue of payment. Due to its relatively recent arrival on the real estate scene, there is no standard for who should pay for the cost of video production. Based on the benefits of using video, however, agents may decide to simply eat the cost, as they do for property photos; or they can pass them on the client. They could offer it as an option, paid for by the seller, on lower-priced properties but perhaps include it as a freebie for high-end homes. | Read More