Here are a few tips for homeowners looking to save money on a kitchen remodel. Get a head start on the demolition process by tearing out the existing cabinets, and save money on hired labor by doing the follow-up painting and cleaning. The best way to save in the area of appliances is to use existing ones if they work with the new color scheme. If purchasing brand-new appliances, try to buy floor models or appliances on clearance, which are sometimes marked down by as much as 50 percent. When designing a kitchen, try to select colors and patterns that stand the test of time. This will save the pain of another remodel six or seven years down the road. Furthermore, the owner wants the kitchen to appeal to as many buyers as possible when the time comes to sell. When contracting with carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen, try to work with small contractors, who usually have lower overhead and can pass on the savings. Some kitchen remodels call for moving the sink to a center island. If at all possible, avoid moving the sink, as the plumbing and installation costs can be significant. Finally, donate or sell old appliances that are still in good shape. Though the resell value may be low, this saves the seller the hassle and expense of disposing of the appliances. | Read More