Best Overall Hand Warmer

Ocoopa Quick-Charge Hand Warmers

The Ocoopa quick-charge hand warmer is a fan-favorite on TikTok with thousands of positive reviewsand it was hands down the best-performing hand warmer out of the ones we tested. I loved that it was slimmer than other rechargeable hand warmers, so it could easily fit in my pocket or camping bag and not take up much space. Plus, the heat is very warm without being so hot that it starts to feel uncomfortable. It can be used for keeping warm while the car de-ices to nighttime walks.

This rechargeable hand warmer has three heat levels, with the highest reaching up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The USB-C port can also be used to charge your phone or laptop. It was the fastest-charging electronic hand warmer I tested and has an eight-hour battery life, depending on usage.


Reaches up to 131 degrees FahrenheitThree heat levelsQuick-chargingCan be used to charge phonesEasily fits in pockets and bags


Not the best battery life

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