New research conducted by concludes that most Americans identify maintenance of surrounding residences as the key factor in determining the safety of a neighborhood. Fully three-quarter of respondents agreed with that sentiment, with a particular emphasis placed on the appearance of front lawns. A total of 74 percent of survey participants said they would choose a community based on “word-of-mouth” feedback or the neighborhood’s local reputation, while 67 percent said that local crime reports and statistics found in the local media would factor heavily into their homebuying decision. Of lesser importance to house-hunters who want to evaluate the safety of an area, according to the research, are location within gated communities with security patrols and proximity to police barracks or fire stations. “Our findings suggest that some home sellers who are struggling to generate interest may want to go the extra mile and help their neighbors with landscaping needs in order to create buyer interest,” remarked Chairman and founder Sharon Asher. | Read More