Although unaware of some critical indoor health hazards, more than 60 percent of homeowners surveyed considered their home healthy, according to a 2014 Houzz poll of 808 homeowners. One in five respondents said their home was unhealthy, and 6 percent did not know if their home was healthy. Among millennial respondents, 71 percent rated their home as healthy, compared to 59 percent of baby boomers and 58 percent of Generation X’ers. Homeowners considered chemical exposure, the presence of insects and pests, and natural sunlight as important elements of home health. Seventy percent listed home comfort as important to their health. Security, exposure to germs, and access to wholesome food also were important to personal health and 40 percent of respondents undertaking remodeling projects named health as a motivator. Air quality, beauty, design, pets, and electronics exposure were less important to respondents. Educating homeowners about the link between air quality and health may spur more remodeling efforts motivated by a concern for health. | Read More