Home buyers often do not understand how a home inspection works. They should understand that all of those present — the buyer, the buyer’s agent, and the listing agent — have the same goal, which is to move forward with a clean sales transaction. The buyer, who is responsible for hiring and paying the inspector, should ensure the inspector is licensed, and they should have read the seller’s disclosures and be prepared to ask the inspector questions. If possible, they should follow the inspector on the roof and into the basement and the crawlspace to see what the inspector sees. However, they should be mindful of the fact that inspectors are impartial and may not be able to provide information about potential improvements and their cost. While the listing agent is on hand as an advocate of the seller, the buyer should be accompanied by his/her Realtor, who knows what to look for and how to proceed if serious flaws are uncovered. After the inspection, the buyer and his Realtor should examine the detailed inspection report and discuss what needs to be done next. Experts recommend that they not bring a relative or friend who is a contractor to tag along during the inspection, as they are not licensed property inspectors and could raise unnecessary red flags that hamper the transaction. | Read More