House Beautiful recently featured their picks for the Top 10 Bathrooms. Reviewing these beautiful bathrooms can inspire ideas for sprucing up old bathrooms. Several of the elegant bathrooms featured had stone floors, large windows, and stylish rugs. While it may not be practical to add windows or even stone floors which can be hard, cold, and slippery, here are some ideas to consider when rejuvenating an old bathroom. New rugs, towels, and accessories, such as silk flowers or artwork, can act like outfits for your bathroom, and rotated with the seasons. Consider safety elements in a bathroom redo, especially if older people or young children will be using the bathroom now or in the future. Be sure that people will not slip on floors, in showers, or in tubs, or have trouble getting out of tubs. Renovating the bathroom also provides an opportunity to use energy and water conserving elements, increasing home value. Look for new ideas for a bathroom renovation in magazines, local home improvement centers, and open houses. | Read More