Extreme home customization, such as over-the-top amenities and peculiar design choices, has long carried with it the possibility that owners will not recoup their investment if and when they decide to sell. Even so, with the economic slump in the rear view, more and more Americans are pouring money into efforts to create a sanctuary that reflects their individual wants, needs, and tastes. The trend is being helped by the Web, which provides a window to a wealth of unconventional concepts. “People see all the unique things that are being done, and it inspires them to want something unique,” says Peter Archer of the Pennsylvania-based firm of Archer & Buchanan Architecture, who recently designed a “Hobbit house” for a J.R.R. Tolkein fan. The owners of such properties give little thought to whether their home’s quirks — which they see as having value — will be worth it for future buyers. The chances of selling for their asking price are significantly higher, however, if the property is located in a highly desirable community. In these cases, affluent buyers will pay the extra money to renovate or possibly even raze and rebuild a home. | Read More