Haunted houses take front and center stage during Halloween, but purported real-life cases can be an issue for home sellers at any time of the year. Minnesota is the only state in the nation with a real estate law on the books that approaches the concept of ghosts. “But they don’t have to disclose,” confirms Walter Molony of the National Association of Realtors. “The rules pertaining to psychological stigmas, which is what paranormal activity falls under, are as clear as mud.” In Florida, at least one Realtor — Karen West — wants state law changed to reflect greater transparency for stigmatized properties. Ghost skeptic Gary Posner agrees with West, arguing that home buyers could start to believe ghost stories once they occupy a home reported to be haunted. “Every little creak and bump becomes a ghost, and [the buyer] could wind up dumping the place for no reason and lose thousands of dollars,” he says. | Read More